About me

I translate texts from English and French to Spanish. I also proofread and edit texts. With a ten-year background in the industry, I am a professional language lover who will accept any challenge that I can face with rigour, passion and professionalism.

I have a strong background in the field of audiovisual translation and I have translated educational material, advertising texts, humanities, art, culture... I have extensive experience translating for national and international organizations.

Member of Asetrad.org (Spanish Association of Translators, Editors and Interpreters).

Member of ATRAE.org (Spanish Association of Audiovisual Translators).


Language consultancy services and project management

Over the years, I have gained insight into the translation market, I have risen to plenty of challenges posed by a good number of clients in a wide range of situations, I have mastered several IT tools and translation-specific programmes, I have honed my team management skills, and I have delved into many aspects of this fascinating profession.

Along the way, I have assembled a strong network of professionals from very different fields who allow me to offer my clients a comprehensive service (translators working into other languages or specialising in other areas, layout artists, graphic designers, script writers, dubbing actors and voice over artists...). I also work with sound engineers and studios, recording and coordinating projects from start to finish.

I find it quite hard to limit the services that I offer, since I eagerly jump on board any project that I see myself qualified for. I am always interested in working on enjoyable and educational projects where I can make use of my interest in language, communication and culture.

Case in point, I recently discovered my flair for community managing and public relations - but that's a whole different story.


Freelance translator and proofreader since January 2003.

Audiovisual, textbook, art and humanities translations

I translate audiovisual content for studios, production companies, advertising agencies and other clients. I have a strong background translating cultural, social, political and scientific outreach documentaries, primarily for the shows La noche temática and Documentos TV on Spanish broadcaster TVE.

I lecture in audiovisual and advertising translation at Universidad Pontificia Comillas and at the School of professional language skills Cálamo y Cran.

I have worked in several dubbing and recording studios as:

  • Member of the supervision team for documentary recording (linguistic and language revision and adjustment) at Soundub studio.
  • Head of the production department (responsible for the recruitment and audition, coordination and supervision of scriptwriters, translators and voice artists in several languages) for Flexiguía audioguías.
  • Quality control supervisor of the audio recording department of SPG publishing group (head of the recording studio and supervisor of the recording studio sessions) and project leader (translation and proofreading work) for several audio textbooks. Part of the translation and proofreading team of text books and project leader, co-writer and proofreader of SFL (Spanish as a Foreign Language) textbooks for Holt, Rinehart & Winston, McGraw-Hill and Houghton Mifflin American publishers.

I translate texts and articles on art and design for a host of clients (La Casa Encendida, publishing houses, cultural project managers, etc.).

Corporate literature, advertising and marketing

I translate and edit corporate literature (reports, manuals, policies, booklets, training courses, presentations, catalogues, articles, marketing material, etc.) for many companies.

Translations for national and international organizations

Temporary translator in the Spanish Translation Service of the United Nations Organization (UN) in New York.

Translations for national and international organizations: FAO, CNE, WHO...

  • Translation into Spanish of the European Commission's European Network for Rural Development website.
  • Translation of part of the United Nations Spanish web pages. Project awarded as one of the UN 21 AWARDS 2002 (www.un.org/spanish/cyberschoolbus/untour/index.htm).


Licenciatura (4- year degree course) in Translation and Interpreting. English and French as first and second language of study. Universidad de Salamanca, 2002.

Licenciatura (5-year degree course) in English Philology (English language and literature) . Subspecialization in French language and literature. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2002.

Curso de formación de correctores profesionales (professional proofreading training course). School of professional language skills Cálamo y Cran. Madrid, 2004.

Numerous courses on contemporary art at MNCARS (Reina Sofía Contemporary Art Museum) and Fundación Cultural Mapfre (Cultural Foundation). Madrid, 2002-2013.

Bilingual (English - Spanish) education from 4 to 18. French studies from 12 to 18.

Professional knowledge of Windows, Office, Internet, Acrobat, FTP servers and translation software.